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Bryan is a fourth year Electrical Engineering major. As president, Bryan oversees the internal operations of DVC such as hireouts, payments, logistical issues in the club and ensures DVC has a good relationship with different organizations and people we offer our services to. Bryan has been in DVC for all four years and has been loving the DVC community of music enthusiasts, djs, and EDM fans. He loves Future House, Electro House, and Progressive house. His DJ name is TEZCA and you can find all his EDM sets on instagram and TikTok (tezca_music) where he combines his music and energy in the same place. When he's not hard at work or DJing, Bryan also loves to play soccer.


Vice President

Kimi Wong is a third-year student studying Cognitive Science with a focus on Design and Interaction, and a minor in Business and Design. As Vice President, she assists the president in overseeing club logistics, contacting campus organizers, and ensuring that everything runs efficiently and on time. She loves to attend events and DJ a myriad of EDM genres, especially house, future funk, techno, dnb, future bass, and midtempo. Outside of music, Kimi enjoys a diverse range of hobbies, including playing Nintendo games, calligraphy, visiting gardens, and putting together fun and cute outfits. 


Production Coordinator

Ruslan is a fourth-year ICAM major and Production Coordinator for DVC. In his role, Ruslan is responsible for coordinating, drafting, and planning events, including lineups, event locations, and equipment booking. Raised watching his father’s nightclub come to life after hours on the dance floor, Ruslan is a Ukrainian techno artist known as [Enter Name], who entered the scene in 2015 fresh with dynamic inspiration. With formidable bookings like support for Spartaque, Anetha, Carlo Lio, and Dax J, [Enter Name] delivers dark and dirty sets you’ll be sure to want to rave the night away to. In addition to his love for music production and DJing, Ruslan also has a passion for graphic design and gaming.



Production Manager & Trainer

Kevin is a fifth-year ICAM major who is a vital part of the production team at DVC. Kevin helps execute events and is a point of contact across the campus. He assists in planning and works closely with other production members to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Before joining DVC, Kevin has accumulated a large amount of industry experience, performing across the country at conventions and becoming a well-known name in the scene for Melbourne Bounce. Kevin's passion for music production has led him to teach classes professionally and release his own tracks on SoundCloud. Always hard at work and dedicated to finding new ways to innovate and improve, Kevin brings a wealth of industry experience, networking connections, and production knowledge to the DVC team. In addition, Kevin loves Porter Robinson.


Marketing Manager

Lorena is a fifth year Clinical Psychology major with a minor in Global Health. Her main responsibility is leading the marketing team as well as devising and implementing marketing campaigns. She also assists with equipment set-up and DJs at events. She enjoys going to raves, clubs, and surrounded with friends as she is most definitely a social butterfly. 


Training Manager

George is a fifth-year Computer Science Major and Training Manager for DVC. Although George has been a part of DVC for 2 years, he has several years of DJ experience at first focusing on mixing commercial/radio-friendly music and now focusing on more varied cross-genre mixing. As a training manager, he is responsible for providing trainings to members of DVC as well as coordinating with the production team to design performance opportunities. Under his new alias DJ Curve, you can always rely on him to bring any crowd alive to the most iconic hits.

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Production Coordinator

Lance is a fourth-year Electrical Engineering major and Production Coordinator for DVC. Passionate about producing and coordinating large-scale events, Lance collaborates closely with the rest of the production team to ensure that every aspect of the event runs smoothly. For Lance, there's nothing more important than a good groove, and his eclectic taste in music reflects that. Performing under different aliases such as WALLEYE and Wavepaver, he brings out his love for UK Garage/Grime, Leftfield Techno, Alternative Hip-hop/R&B, Downtempo, and Breakbeats - anything with interesting grooves and syncopation. When he's not busy with music-related pursuits, Lance enjoys playing electric guitar, crate digging and producing, watching motorsports, and old movies.


Marketing Coordinator

Liza is a second-year International Business major and Marketing Coordinator. In her role, Liza helps plan and execute marketing strategies, captures and edits content, and manages social media accounts with her expertise in marketing and content creation. Outside of marketing, Liza has a passion for house music, especially tech house.



Tyler is a third year Human Bio major. As a trainer, helps teach club members to DJ. He likes listening to industrial hip hop, future funk, and other experimental genres. He also produces music, plays piano & electric bass, and enjoys hiking.

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Head of Design

Keanu is a fifth year Cognitive Science: Design and Interaction major who is fascinated with audio/visual experiences. As DVC’s Head of Design he is responsible for the graphic design as well as live visuals DVC utilizes in their events and print/digital media. Keanu has been a dedicated member of DVC since 2017 and enjoys various EDM genres.



Raul is a fourth year ICAM music major. As DVC’s visual specialist he is responsible for live visuals and laser light shows DVC utilizes in their events. He enjoys various music genres and heads "PRO" (UCSD's Music Production organization) on the side.


General Staff

Lily is a fourth year Data Science major. She help with equipment setup, running events, and also maintain this website. She loves going to shows and festivals, and enjoys bass house, drum and bass, and midtempo.

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Ever wonder how to create an event from an idea to reality? The production team at DVC does exactly that. We're a team of talented individuals that work together to brainstorm creative content and ideas and execute those ideas in real events that people can enjoy.


The marketing team is full of creatives! From strategy brainstorming and planning to graphic designing and media content creating, the team oversees marketing opportunities through different angles and implements on a variety of platforms. Our specialization in online marketing and trend adopting fits especially in the virtual dominant world! Wanna hear more updates from us? Follow us on social media by clicking the links below!


DVC offers free 1on1 trainings to members of the organization. Trainees will have access to professional DJ equipment, such as CDJs, turntables, and analog/digital mixers. In addition to basic & advanced DJing, trainings can cover topics such as the use of analog synthesizers, music production, and mixing/mastering based on trainees’ interests.

No prior experience is required to sign up for training sessions. Please join our discord server and check the training channel for more details!

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